Wallace and darwin steroids

Very excellent essay. Kerson Huang, the theoretical physicist at MIT who was at the Princeton Institute with Lee and Yang, has argued that the modern world is based on visions by Newton and Freud – the mechanistic view (which could well be seen to be inherited from Calvin). He makes the point that physics could more accurately and fully and correctly express the world through Leibniz and Jung. You could add Wallace to the Leibnitz/Jung mix and Darwin to the Newton/Freud mechanistic world view. The social sciences and virtually all Western culture since it was considered Western, evolved from the mechanistic principle conventionally misunderstood from Newton. Newton’s professional journals have even apologized for these cultural misunderstandings (and the harm they have caused) but they didn’t get the memo in the English dept. As the early Christian fathers quashed the views that did not fit their program, so our culture has censured the great original thinker Russell (much as they ignored and tried to exclude Newton’s vast writings on alchemy and the “vegetation spirit”). In Yeats’ day, one thought of “Darwin and Wallace” in the same phrase.

"First of all, we now know that Wallace was replying to an early letter from Darwin- and that letter from Darwin arrived in Ternate on the March steamer. We have assembled the first complete collection of all the surviving Wallace correspondence from Ternate and nearby islands. These reveal that he never replied to a letter on the same steamer which delivered it. Apparently the turn over time was too short. Therefore this is an additional reason to doubt that Wallace could have sent the famous letter to Darwin in March as so long assumed," said Dr van Wyhe.

Wallace and darwin steroids

wallace and darwin steroids


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