Very few products have the distinction of being the first, the original. At the dawn of commercial jet aviation, airlines and aircraft manufacturers discovered a hideous new problem with fuel; microbial growth. This growth not only clogged fuel lines and filters, but it caused corrosion sufficient to destroy the structural integrity of an aircraft. Working with . Borax and SOHIO, scientists and engineers created the first aviation fuel biocide designed specifically for the aviation environment; the product was Biobor JF®. Biobor JF not only became the biocide of choice for aviation, but has dominated the marine, stand-by power, agricultural and construction equipment industry since its inception in 1965. After all these years, Biobor JF remains the leader in protecting hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants. Biobor JF was the first and is still the best. 

Subject to warrants requested by the prosecutor several Belgian Internet providers including Belgacom, Telenet, Base, Scarlet, EDPnet, Dommel, Proximus, Mobistar, Mobile Vikings, Tele2, and Versatel have been filtering several websites at the DNS level since April 2009. This may be done when the websites are engaged in illegal activities or when they display information that is "contrary to public order or morality". [26] People who browse the Internet using one of these providers and hit a blocked website are redirected to a page that claims that the content of the website is illegal under Belgian law and therefore blocked. In contrast to other countries, the Web sites were filtered not because of displaying pornographic content but in order to guarantee the privacy rights of suspects or criminals who committed sexual offenses against children and whose identity was accordingly revealed in the targeted Web sites. [23]

The most important information to enter to get a DSL modem working is the Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) and Virtual Circuit Identifier (VCI) . These two numbers simply tell the DSL equipment on both ends that they should talk to each other, almost the same as replacing a dialed number. Each DSL provider uses a set of these two numbers. Below is a list of the providers and the corresponding numbers to configure a DSL modem to work on that Network. Some Providers have different settings for different regions so please try all the settings for your Provider.