Trenbolone testo kuur

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Alright so i will take 1 pill of d-bal and 1 pill of testo max both daily even on non-workout think it is better to cycle only 4 weeks since it will be the first cycle and my body needs to adapt to those pills. i will stay 4 weeks “on” and then weeks “off” so that way i can keep the side effects to a minimum(d-bal). if i got good results going up on weight scale, putting on some serious muscle mass along with a healthy diet and intense workouts i will be ready to go for the cutting stack so lets see if those suplements are the real deal if they are i will be a costumer for life!i will let you know when im ready to order,thanks again!

Trenbolone testo kuur

trenbolone testo kuur


trenbolone testo kuurtrenbolone testo kuurtrenbolone testo kuur