Synergize anabolics halo 17 prohormone

Real 25mg of Halodrol Prohormones – Halo 17 by Synergize Anabolics

Halo 17 is a hard core prohormone that offers 25mg of real Halodrol that is now sold online for the first time ever by Live Lean Today.  The massive gains can no longer be kept under wraps.  For those looking for hard core prohormones look no further than Halo 17.

Halo 17 offers dry and solid muscle gains with no aromatization plus it is known for its fast results in building muscle.

Synergize Anabolics has designed an exclusive absorption matrix designed to get the potent halodrol ingredients into the body to where they can start rapid action.

60ct prohormone bottle

Synergize anabolics halo 17 prohormone

synergize anabolics halo 17 prohormone