Steroids after acl reconstruction

Hi Kris
I have just ruptured my ACL skiing. 3 weeks ago to be exact. I have also torn the medial cruciate ligament, torn the meniscus and have a segond fracture. Call it the Virgo in me to do a perfect job. I am doing Physio now to build up the quads. I felt the pop when I got taken out by another skier on the mountain through no fault of my own. I have struggled with this as I ski, mountain bike, and run. I have knee reconstruction on 17th Sept 2013. I am 45 years old and apart from a medial meniscus tear 10 years ago, which was nothing compared to this, I am scared shitless that being as active as I am that I won’t be able to do the above again. Not only because of being in this awful brace until surgery but also experiencing the most horrific feeling the other night of my knee giving away while not wearing the brace. In short, I want to ski again and run and mountain bike and it has depressed me to know end having this injury created not by my inability but someone else’s. I’m pleased I have read your blog, it has given me faith again that surely all will be good and that this is a glitch in the system. Thanks, Leo

When it comes to your diet and nutrition, eating organic is your greatest bet for optimal healing and recovery after ACL surgery, which do not contain these horrible ingredients. Try to stay away from red meats as well unless they’re grass fed as commercial meats tend be injected with steroids to increase size of the meat. From an organic perspective, let’s take a look at why you should choose these nutrients that help to heal your wounds after surgery, which will simultaneously speed the recovery time of your injured knee.

Steroids after acl reconstruction

steroids after acl reconstruction


steroids after acl reconstructionsteroids after acl reconstructionsteroids after acl reconstructionsteroids after acl reconstructionsteroids after acl reconstruction