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The new study examined recent stretch marks and found that they had a higher density of hormone receptors than normal skin, and estrogen appeared to be the most concentrated. Since estrogen is involved in skin healing, that could represent the body’s attempt to heal the injured skin tissue. From the standpoint of steroid users, the greater number of estrogen receptors in stretch marks could also represent a defense against the high level of androgens, which interfere with skin healing. That latter part, however, is strictly speculation. What is known is that stretch marks have a higher density of hormone receptors than normal skin.

In January 2003, Hardy briefly turned into a heel (villain) after he attacked Van Dam and Shawn Michaels . [1] [54] [55] It ended a month later when he saved Stacy Keibler from an attack by then-villain, Christian . [56] In February, he had a brief program with Michaels, which saw the two team up. [51] [57] Then, in storyline, Hardy began dating Trish Stratus after saving her from Steven Richards and Victoria in March. [58] Hardy and Stratus had a brief on-screen relationship that saw the duo talking backstage and teaming together in matches. Hardy competed in his final match (his first departure) against The Rock and lost. [1] [59] Hardy was released from WWE on April 22, 2003. [1] [60] The reasons given for the release were Hardy's erratic behavior, drug use, refusal to go to rehab, deteriorating ring performance, as well as constant tardiness and no-showing events. [7] [60] Hardy also cites "burn out" and the need for time off as reasons for leaving WWE. [24]

The median BVAS before rituximab was (range 4-30). At 6 months, 5/8 patients had BVAS=0; 3/8 were in complete remission; 3/8 in partial remission (lung nodules persisted in 2 patients, scored 0 in BVAS); 2/8 did not respond. One patient relapsed 1 year after stopping rituximab and responded successfully to a second cycle. Dissociated responses of constitutional and 'vasculitis' symptoms, as opposed to granulomatous manifestations, were observed: the former regressed within days or weeks, while the latter regressed more slowly, over several months. Tolerance was good for 7 patients but 1 developed an urticarial rash during the last 3 infusions. Corticosteroids could be tapered in all patients.

Renvex steroids

renvex steroids


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