Inject steroids into buttock

3. Preparations for injection and injection in the right buttock.
1) Prepare a syringe needle, wool alcohol, drug.
2) Wash your hands with soap and water as possible and place of future injections too.
3) If the drug is packaged in a vial, remove the cap and clean the rubber cap alcohol. If the drug in the vial, take a fine nail file and gently in a circular motion, the inscription around the neck. Then forwards to break off the neck of the ampoule. At the same time, so as not to injure the hands, the ampoule can be further wrapped with a napkin. The right shot in the buttock goes quickly and without sensation.
4) If you use the drug in vial
pull on the syringe plunger at a volume equal to a drug that you will use, enter the vial through the needle rubber cap and press the plunger, releasing the air into the vial. After reaching the end, flip vial upside down and slowly pulling the plunger, retracting the drug in the syringe. It needs to involve little more than is necessary for injection. The syringe, tap it, the bubbles gathered at the top, and to squeeze out part of the formulation with bubbles back into the vial. Shot in the right buttock will allow to achieve a greater effect on the exchange rate.
5) If you are using the drug in capsules

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Inject steroids into buttock

inject steroids into buttock


inject steroids into buttockinject steroids into buttockinject steroids into buttockinject steroids into buttockinject steroids into buttock