Exergonic endergonic catabolic anabolic

An exergonic process is one in which there is a positive flow of energy from the system to the surroundings. This is in contrast with an endergonic process. [1] Constant pressure, constant temperature reactions are exergonic if and only if the Gibbs free energy change is negative (∆ G  < 0). "Exergonic" (from the prefix exo-, derived for the Greek word ἔξω exō , "outside" and the suffix -ergonic, derived from the Greek word ἔργον ergon , " work ") means "releasing energy in the form of work". In thermodynamics, work is defined as the energy moving from the system (the internal region) to the surroundings (the external region) during a given process.

Thus, there exists a pure open circuit reversible threshold for water electrolysis in which the water molecules are capacitor charging and discharging at their characteristic low frequency RC time constant of seconds. It is to be noted that pure water has a very high dielectric constant which makes such an effect possible. The pulsing amplitude modulation of the voltage is determined by the Hydrogen Nuclear Spin Relaxation constant, where τ≅ seconds. It is to be noted that the positive pulse spikes are followed by a negative after-potential. These pulse wave forms are identical to the classic nerve action potential spikes found in the nervous system of all living species that have a nervous system. The fact that these unipolar pulses were observed arising in water under the conditions of reversible threshold hydrolysis has a profound significance. These findings illuminate and confirm the Warren McCulloch Theory of water "crystal" dynamics as being the foundation of neural dynamics; and the converse theory of Linus Pauling which holds that water clathrate formation is the mechanism of neural anesthesia.

Exergonic endergonic catabolic anabolic

exergonic endergonic catabolic anabolic


exergonic endergonic catabolic anabolicexergonic endergonic catabolic anabolicexergonic endergonic catabolic anabolicexergonic endergonic catabolic anabolicexergonic endergonic catabolic anabolic