East german ostalgie

Sharing some elements with Stalinist grandiosity, GDR architecture blends into the regionally different styles of post-war city-building of the world: Plattenbau suburbs were more a rule than an exception and there was a heavy reliance on the aesthetics of the atomic age, featuring a tendency against edges and corners as a semi-conscious attempt to do away with rectangular shapes from Nazism, without much devaluating its likenesses in Stalinist architecture. Still, it was after the Stalinist era, otherwise than in the other Eastern Bloc countries, aestetically same as in the West.

However, these dinky rollers have recently had a comeback, with the popularity of ‘Ostalgie’ (nostalgia for the East). Nowadays you can take a ‘Trabi safari’ and do your sightseeing from behind the wheel through the sights and roads of Mitte, including the government district and the beautiful Tiergarten, and the main points of interest from the cold war years, such as Checkpoint Charlie and the East Side Gallery. It’s not the most efficient mode of transport, but it’s certainly a “once in a lifetime” experience once more.

East german ostalgie

east german ostalgie


east german ostalgieeast german ostalgieeast german ostalgieeast german ostalgieeast german ostalgie