Dog brain tumor steroids

I read this from the perspective of a parent; our (now 8 & Cancer-Free) 5-yr-old son had Medulloblastoma. So many complications have left him disabled and even though he can’t speak he liked the Poop one; it’s a boy thing! During one drain tube removal & a placement of a new one (in the PICU) I explained to his Neurosurgeon he was no longer allowed to be his barber (27)! Tumors SUCK, but Laughter is the best medicine! Thanks for the laughs; us parents need medicine too; preferably during MRI’s (which he’s sedated for; so there’s no crawling in an outage, just snoring)!!

The vet school in Utrecht, Netherlands seems to have had the most success with this surgery. ( see Meij prior ref and 2nd ref ) . They believe that even after their surgery, enough functional pituitary cells remain to supply enough ACTH for your pet’s adrenals to produce adequate cortisol. ( I am told that almost half of the pets in the Netherlands have health insurance vs 2% in the US, however, as of this writing, even US-written policies, such as VIP say thay will pay these costs anywhere in the World )

I just found your blog and have been absorbing the info…. started looking up feeding a dog on prednisone. My 11 year old Staffy “Bailey” has had 2 surgeries to remove MCT. Her prognosis was under 4 mos the Stage is III and the mitotic index of 25 (yes, 25!). She also had a amalenotic malenoma removed (after the 2nd removal of MCT) from her lower mandible. This was found when going in to have stiches removed after 2nd surgery. We are trying to decide weather to proceed with Chemo or just continue with the prednisone/pepcid/benadryl which I know is for paliative care. We can’t financially make a long term commitment to chemo (maybe 2-3 mos). Will that do more harm than good and would we just be prolonging the innevitable and have the situation only worsen? I know its hard to predict as each dog is going to react differently (or so we’ve been told)… I’ve purchased your book tonight but need to make the decision about moving fwd with chemo soon as we already had blood and biochem workup so the cost is 1/2 what it would be if we wait another week (at least for first month). I don’t need to go into how devistated my husband and I are. We didn’t have kids and all our maternal and paternal instincts have been poured into her the last 11 yrs – some think we’re crazy, but we don’t care. We’ve spent over $3, since December but are at a crossroads we know we don’t have a great deal of time and just want her to be comfortable. I’d go broke if I thought we could cure her but that’s not an option. I don’t want her to be here longer just to make me feel better. I wish she could talk to me – and sometimes I know she tries! We lost my mother-in-law last July to lung cancer and my husband doesn’t want to see our little girl suffer like his mom did from the chemo. Any advise you can offer would be so appreciated! Thank you and God Bless you.

Dog brain tumor steroids

dog brain tumor steroids


dog brain tumor steroidsdog brain tumor steroidsdog brain tumor steroidsdog brain tumor steroidsdog brain tumor steroids