Dbol.com reviews

update..jst finishing 6weeks of 50mgs a day with 300mgs deca once a week(only for joint relief) i dieted hard while on this short cylcle started at 204 and wen i diet like this shud have dropped 6-7 lbs body weight up to 213 and i look 225 easy.. first time i dieted like this while using dbols on my friends advice and holy shit no bloat no water retention look hard and as a rock and body is constantly pumped strength thru the roof lil acne no liver cramping jst drink abt gallon of water a day started by splitting capsule in half then just went with whole capsule def works better taking it all at once and fyi it seems to work best wen i took it abt 1 1/2 hour before workout starting pinning hulks cyp a week ago and will rate soon thanx for quality gear hulk!!

Hi, the pills I’ve bought are your d-bal alternative. I didnt check the tablets properly.
I’ve read everything possible on d-bal alternative, including the 100% safety of your product, rather than the standard dbol/ dianabol tabs.
I’ve been on them for 5 days so far, with a healthy diet including protien, protien bars( when I fancy a treat) and lots and lots of water.
I’m looking forward to the results, I’m pushing harder and harder in the gym, so hopefully I’ll get some decent results, I’ll keep you posted.

Dbol.com reviews

dbol.com reviews


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