Bell's palsy treatment steroid dosage

Our Reconstructive Surgical Center specializes in the treatment of patients who have made an incomplete recovery after Bells palsy. We are not involved in the initial diagnosis and management of new cases. Surgical evaluation for potential correction of residual facial asymmetry and weakness is usually performed 10-12 months after the initial episode of Bells palsy. If you are experiencing residual facial weakness, asymmetry, spasm and or uncoordinated motion (synkinesis) please feel free to contact our Houston Medical Center office  at 713-441-6108 to explore your potential treatment options.

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Bell's palsy treatment steroid dosage

bell's palsy treatment steroid dosage


bell's palsy treatment steroid dosagebell's palsy treatment steroid dosagebell's palsy treatment steroid dosagebell's palsy treatment steroid dosagebell's palsy treatment steroid dosage